Wishlist Options

Creating & Sharing Your Wishlist

Your helmutlang.com Wishlist allows you to store the items that you would like to save, but are not yet ready to purchase. Your Wishlist will be saved even after you leave our site so that you can locate items in the future, or email them to friends and family. To add items to your Wishlist, simply choose the size and color of an item you would like and then click the Add to Wishlist button on the product detail page. In order to create a Wishlist, you must first Create an Account at helmutlang.com. You can access your Wishlist by logging into your account at the top of any helmutlang.com page.

Searching for a Wishlist

Just click Wishlist at the top of any page on helmutlang.com and enter the first and last name or email address of the person whose wishlist you'd like to find. To view a Wishlist please click here.